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Hello and welcome to Basic Bookkeeping For Dummies where you can learn about and purchase the Bookkeeping For Dummies book.

This Bookkeeping for Dummies bookkeeping supplies book will help teach you how to maintain thorough and accurate bookkeeping which is crucial to any business. It is also very important to others who work with each business. 

Basic Bookkeeping For Dummies

These people include employees, financial lenders and investors and they can benefit from the basic Bookkeeping For Dummies book as well. Both inside and outside of the business, all of the people involved depend on a bookkeeper’s thorough and accurate record keeping and the basic Bookkeeping for Dummies book teaches you how to accomplish this.

The Basic Bookkeeping for Dummies book provides the simple and pain free way to master the crucial art of record keeping. You will soon be able to manage finances to save money and grow a business. The easy to understand, no messing around basic Bookkeeping for Dummies bookkeeping guide shows you all the basics of bookkeeping, from recording transactions in a general ledger to producing a quality balance sheet and year-end reports.

What You Will Discover 

There is no question that bookkeepers must be detail-oriented, thorough, and accurate. The basic Bookkeeping For Dummies book shows you how to keep track of your business’s financial well-being and ensure your future success!..

  • Outline your financial road map with a char of accounts
  • Keep journals of cash transactions
  • Set up your computerized basic bookkeeping for dummies
  • Control your books, your records, and your money
  • Buy and track your purchases
  • Record sales returns and allowances
  • Determine your staff’s net pay
  • Maintain employee records & basic bookkeeping for dummies
  • Prepare your books for year’s end
  • Report results and start over
  • Produce an income statement
  • Complete year-end payroll and reports

Product Description

Are you finding that your invoices and bank statements pile up every month, untouched and shied away from?

Does your accountant spend more time on basic bookkeeping than on minimizing your tax bill? If you’re a small business owner who wants to take financial matters into your own hands, look no further.

Basic Bookkeeping For Dummies will guide you through all the basic skills needed to keep your business efficient and cost-effective.

From tracking your transactions and keeping ledgers, to producing balance sheets and satisfying the taxman at year–end. Learn to manage your finances painlessly and clearly, and master the art of bookkeeping basics!

Table Of Contents

Introduction of the basic Bookkeeping For Dummies book.

Part I: Basic Bookkeeping: Why You Need It

Chapter 1: So You Want to Do the Books
Chapter 2: Getting Down to Bookkeeping Basics
Chapter 3: Outlining Your Financial Road Map with a Chart of Accounts

Part II: Keeping a Paper Trail

Chapter 4: Ledgers: A One-Stop Summary of Your Business Transactions
Chapter 5: Keeping Journals
Chapter 6: Computer Options for Your Bookkeeping
Chapter 7: Controlling Your Books, Your Records, and Your Money

Part III: Tracking Day-to-Day Operations with Your Books

Chapter 8: Buying and Tracking Your Purchases
Chapter 9: Counting Your Sales
Chapter 10: Employee Payroll and Benefits
Chapter 11: Employer-Paid Taxes and Government Payroll Reporting

Part IV: Preparing the Books for Year’s (or Month’s) End

Chapter 12: Depreciating Your Assets
Chapter 13: Paying and Collecting Interest
Chapter 14: Proving Out the Cash
Chapter 15: Closing the Journals
Chapter 16: Checking Your Accuracy — By Trial and Hopefully No Error
Chapter 17: Adjusting the Books

Part V: Reporting Results and Starting Over

Chapter 18: Developing a Balance Sheet
Chapter 19: Producing an Income Statement
Chapter 20: Completing Year-End Payroll and Reports
Chapter 21: Satisfying the Tax Man
Chapter 22: Prepping the Books for a New Accounting Cycle
Part VI: The Part of Tens
Chapter 23: Top Ten Ways to Manage Your Business Cash with Your Books
Chapter 24: Top Ten Most Important Accounts for Any Bookkeeper

Appendix: Glossary

Chapter 1 Glimpse

In This Chapter..

  • Introducing bookkeeping and its basic purpose
  • Maintaining a paper trail
  • Managing daily business finances
  • Making sure everything’s accurate
  • Putting on a financial show

Few small business owners actually hire accountants to work full time for them.

For a small business, that expense is probably too great, so instead, the owner hires a bookkeeper who serves as the company accountant’s eyes and ears.

In return, the accountant helps the bookkeeper develop good bookkeeping practices and reviews his or her work periodically (usually monthly).

In this chapter, I provide an overview of a bookkeeper’s work. If you’re just starting a business, you may be your own bookkeeper for a while until you can afford to hire one, so think of this chapter as your to-do list. 

About The Author

The author of the basic Bookkeeping For Dummies book is Lita Epstein. She earned her MBA from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School and enjoys helping people develop good financial, investing, and tax planning skills.

While getting her MBA, Lita worked as a teaching assistant for the financial accounting department and actually ran the accounting lab. After completing her MBA, she managed the finances for a small nonprofit organization and for the facilities management section of a large medical clinic.

She teaches and designs online courses on topics such as getting ready for tax time, finance and investing for women and investing for retirement.

She has written more than ten books besides the basic Bookkeeping For Dummies book, including Trading For Dummies and Streetwise Retirement Planning. Lita was the content director for a financial services Web site called She also managed the Web site Investing for Women.

As a Congressional press secretary, Lita gained firsthand knowledge about how to work within and around the Federal bureaucracy, which gives her really great insight into how government programs work as well as how to write her basic Bookkeeping For Dummies guide.

In the past, Lita has been a daily newspaper reporter, magazine editor, and fundraiser for the international activities of former President Jimmy Carter through The Carter Center. 

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