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Should You Hire a Bookkeeper or
Do Your Own Bookkeeping?

"Should I hire a bookkeeper or do my own bookkeeping?" That is a question I have heard many times working as a professional bookkeeper and income tax preparer for over 20 years in beautiful Northern California.

It is amazing how often a business gets started without the owner(s) first answering this very important accounting question. This is because the reality of being both a business owner and doing your own business books can be overwhelming if you are not well prepared. There are many different aspects to bookkeeping that should be considered, each of which can be found on this website.

With that being said, doing your own accounting could actually be the best thing for you to do! Just as long as you are well aware of all of the extra time and details that go into following the proper accounting procedures.

What I have found to be true throughout the years is that both business owners and professional bookkeepers alike can always use some good ongoing reliable help, accounting tips and guidance.

I've also learned that it's never too late to get help.

This is true whether you are just starting a business, looking to improve your existing one, or you are simply a responsible accountant trying to offer the best service possible to all of your clients.


When I first started my home based bookkeeping business, reliable internet information was hard to come by. It was fairly difficult and time consuming finding what I was looking for, and I wished that I had some more help finding the best accounting information.


But I didn't have help and ended up learning how to become a qualified, professional California bookkeeper and income tax preparer expert on my own. In the process of researching libraries and the internet for reliable book keeping information, I sure did learn a lot and accumulated many different valuable resources!

So, I have gone ahead and started to compile a great deal of this valuable accounting information here for you on my website at And, I will continue to be working hard to put more and more of that information together here for your benefit as well. This way you will not have to struggle the same way I did when I first got started.

Please read below for a summary of many of the most popular pages of book keeping information that can be found on this site. Feel free to use this site as your very own reliable accounting resource guide in a way that I didn't have when I first got started with my own home based bookkeeping business. It was created to help you with the basics and much, much more!

Bookkeeping Information

The informative accounting articles will keep you posted on issues of special interest lately. Including articles on such things as working from home, different business structures, deductible expenses and estimated tax payments. Book keeping articles are a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest accounting and income tax alerts, so make sure you stop by.

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Bookkeeping 101 will provide you with helpful information on everything from setting up a chart of accounts to better understanding your balance sheet and profit and loss statements. For example, did you know that the accounts payable account is used to record the bills of a business that are outstanding and is also referred to as A/P which is Accounts Payable for short? There is much to be learned on the 101 page.

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The basic book keeping forms page is a great resource of free accounting templates and tax deduction lists for an easier tax time. The free accounting forms, Excel & QuickBooks templates you find here should be very helpful. Please feel free to go ahead and download and/or copy any of the business templates you find on the forms page.

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There are 100's of accounting definitions provided for your reference here as well. Use this as an accounting resource to help improve your accounting knowledge. It's super easy to use. Just pick a letter to go directly to the accounting definitions associated with that letter. Or use the available search engine to search the entire website.

Learn Accounting Terms


Would you like to save money on financial software, computers, cell phones and office supplies? Then you will definitely want to check out my book keeping supplies store which offers all of the above at discounted prices. I must always stay up to date on the latest and greatest business software and so will be updating these pages frequently with my personal favorites. It's always nice to know that someone else has accounting and income tax experience with software and that it comes recommended.

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Perhaps you are in need of some humor. If you would like a good laugh, I have included some of my favorite accounting jokes here also. Here is an example of what you will find: What do accountants suffer from that ordinary people don't? - Depreciation. I've heard and read some great accounting jokes throughout the years. If you know a good joke yourself, please feel free to share. There is an easy to use form where you can add your very own favorite joke for the rest of us to enjoy as well!

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Meanwhile the bookkeeping news and Question & Answer pages will keep you current on all of the latest important accounting information while also offering an outlet for you to post and share your own accounting news and commentary. This page has become quite a helpful forum! There are hundreds of different kinds of questions being asked here. So many that I was overwhelmed with the response and hardly able to keep up. As such, I've now included a page where you yourself can help me answer questions. This is a great way to pay it forward.

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Ask Questions And Get Answers

Check out the free tests page to find out how much you really know about accounting. You will find both short quizzes and more in-depth bookkeeper tests here. I hope that you will find them to be enjoyable, and enlightening!

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The book keeping links page is full of helpful accounting links. This is where I have put together a list of websites that I have found to be very helpful resources full of information for bookkeepers, small business owners and professionals. Just follow any of the links to get more information. Or contact me if you would like me to consider including your link here.

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Not to be missed is the motivation page. Are you in need of some great financially motivating quotes for your inspiration? An inspirational atmosphere is especially important in the office, thus the reason why I decided to include this inspirational page in my website. The type of energy found in a workplace can make all the difference to your bottom line. Not only are motivated employees inspired to work hard and with integrity, but they are also typically more healthy! All of which translates into overall positive workers, work environments and more successful businesses.

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Would you like to save money? Silly question, I know. My accounting and income tax newsletter may very well help you do exactly that. It is a good idea to stay up to date with the latest changes in tax law and to have someone to help provide you with important book keeping tips and tax saving strategies. This is exactly what the Bookkeeping Basics EZine strives to provide for you. So if you do nothing else, sign up for the newsletter now!

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Last but certainly not least! If you would like more information about me and all of the professional services that I provide, you will find that here too. Please make sure to leave a comment to let me know if there is anything else you would like to see added. Your feedback is always appreciated! :)


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I would love your feedback. If there is anything you would like to see added, please contact me and let me know. Has this website been a help to you? Please let us know what your experience has been at my testimonials page. Thank you in advance for your contribution.

I hope my site will serve you well in your pursuits, all the best to you!

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Enjoy Accounting Through My Eyes!

This site grew from that simple "should you hire a bookkeeper or do your own bookkeeping" question. It is based upon my ever-growing passion for a very special place to help and be helped by other bookkeepers and business owners. It shares...

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