Income Tax Filing

Learn Time And Money Saving Liability Tips

Income tax filing will help you learn valuable time and money saving liability tips. Are you fearful about making costly mistakes and missing out on business deductions? 

You no longer need to feel worried about expensive errors when it is time to file your income tax return. Use our tax calculator and get advice on all the latest tax news and deductions. Learn about what to look for when hiring tax preparation services versus doing your own income taxes. 

Find out about interesting tax history and trivia. Gain access to a tax organizer that will help you organize your annual information. Become more aware of tax policies and the income tax resolution options that are available should you ever run into an issue.

Income Tax Filing - Cannabis Business 

Do you know how to report cannabis business taxes on your tax return? Marijuana business taxes are determined by coming up with a mark-up rate.

This mark-up rate is used by the distributors to compute an average market price on marijuana or cannabis products that are sold to a retailer.

Read More About Cannabis Business Taxes

Income Tax Filing - Estimated Payments

Should you adjust your estimated tax payment if business is suddenly more or less than usual? The current economic slowdown has affected businesses in all industries. From service to retail, causing many companies to re-evaluate their financial and tax situation.

If business is slower than normal, you may want to consider adjusting your quarterly estimated payment vouchers.

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Income Tax Filing - Deductions

Trying to determine your income tax deductions at tax time can leave you full of questions about what kinds of expenses are deductible.

While doing bookkeeping, and using income tax software, it is a really good idea to already know what these deductions are before tax time so that your chart of accounts can be set-up accordingly.

Learn More About Income Tax Deductions

Income Tax Filing - News

When you are trying to deal with your end of year income taxes, it can take all your energy just to get through the day. But one thing that can help is to stay on top of the latest tax news.

You never know when you will find out something new that can help you during tax time. To make life easier for you, I have done the work of collecting the latest news on income taxes for you. This page will automatically update whenever a news story is released that is related to income taxes. 

Read More About Income Tax News

Income Tax Filing - Resolution

Get income tax resolution help with clearing up your disputes, penalties, interest and back taxes owed here.

It can be very scary and stressful when you are experiencing income tax liability issues and don't know where to go or what to do to help resolve the problem.

We are here to help you through the process of clearing everything up in the quickest, easiest, most cost efficient and stress free manner possible.

Read More About Income Tax Resolution

Income Tax Filing - Honest Professionals

A recent IRS report has highlighted the need for honest tax professionals, because many tax "experts" are leaving their clients at risk of serious penalties.

Is your current tax professional putting you at risk? Like most Americans, you probably want to receive a larger refund from the IRS. You should be aware of every tax deduction that you can legally take advantage of.

However, some people either unknowingly or intentionally try to take advantage of income tax deductions that they shouldn’t be receiving, which get them into major trouble with the IRS.

Read More About Need For Honest Tax Professionals

Income Tax Filing - Policies

Tax Policies For California Competes requirements need to be understood by every small business if receiving the California Competes credits.

The Franchise Tax Board of California has just reviewed all businesses in the state and provided a very clear set of guidelines that businesses receiving the credits need to follow.

Read More About Tax Policies For California Competes

Income Tax Filing - Organizer

tax organizer can help by facilitating the process of pulling together your tax information. This basic organizer is designed for new tax or bookkeeping clients and allows you to enter your information right on the screen. (Although you won't be able to save it).

You can then print the completed organizer and fax, mail or hand deliver it to the office. Current clients should contact the office to request a "proforma" organizer that includes prior year information and carryover data.

Download Your Income Tax Organizer Here

Income Tax Filing - Services

Did you know that we deliver tax preparation services for military and public service members?

May is National Military Appreciation Month, and the Internal Revenue Service wants members of the military and their families to know about the many tax benefits available to them. 

Each year, the IRS publishes  Publication 3, Armed Forces Tax Guide, a free booklet packed with valuable information and tips designed to help service members and their families take advantage of all tax benefits allowed by law. 

Read More About Tax Preparation Services For Military

Income Tax Filing - Relief

Did you know tax relief is available to help lower your tax liabilities? Find out how to obtain tax help through Military Relief, Innocent Spouse Relief, Disaster and Emergency Assistant Relief and more.

After Congress successfully got through a one-year "patch" and reached the "serious consideration" stage, the now-annual "tax extenders" packages are poised waiting for the right moment to jump onto the legislative bandwagon. 

Read More About Income Tax Relief

Income Tax Filing - Trivia

Read and interact with these fun tax trivia bookkeeping basics income tax facts, quizzes and tests about all things income tax related.

Do you think you are great at trivia? Prove it by taking the Tax Trivia Dare right here right now!

You are invited to take the challenge to find out how high you can score with a set of multiple-choice income tax questions that will give you little known pieces of interesting knowledge.

Read More About Income Tax Trivia

Income Tax Filing - Calculator

Life changes can leave you feeling uncertain about your annual tax liability. You can alleviate your stress by using the following income tax calculator to help you estimate your Federal tax liability and tax rate margins. It will also help give you a better understanding of how to calculate deductions.

More About Income Taxes

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