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Read and interact with these fun tax trivia bookkeeping basics income tax facts, quizzes and tests about all things income tax related.

Do you think you are great at trivia? Prove it by taking the Tax Trivia Dare right here right now!

You are invited to take the challenge to find out how high you can score with a set of multiple-choice income tax questions that will give you little known pieces of interesting knowledge.

Tax Trivia - Facts

Tax TriviaTax Trivia

You can go ahead and dive right in to one of the trivia dare quizzes and tests below, or you can read up on some interesting income tax facts here to freshen up before you begin.

Like did you know..

1) An extremely important artifact, the Rosetta Stone, was the main key to the ultimate deciphering of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics... and the writing found in it is mostly about taxes.

2) The Roman emperor taxed urine in the 1st century. It was used to launder garments as well as collected for the ammonia.

3) The country of Romania was trying to get itself out of a major recession in 2011, so they decided to add a new profession to the country’s labor code which would make it subject to taxation. The new profession added was Witchcraft.

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Tax Trivia Poll

This is a quick yes, no or maybe so question and answer poll asking all kinds of interesting questions to do with your personal integrity.

Be totally honest and see how you match up in relation to your peers.

Tax Trivia Poll

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Tax Trivia - Quizzes

Tax TriviaTax Trivia Quiz

This first Trivia Quiz is a simple 5 question multiple choice series of questions that will rate you on a scale of 1 through 3 based on the answers you provide.

The scale will also provide detailed descriptions for what your rating means in relation to how well you know your income tax facts.

Tax Trivia Quiz

5 Quick Multiple Choice Questions With Answers

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Tax Trivia Tests

Tax TriviaTax Trivia Test

The trivia tests you find here are more substantial in the amount of questions that are included, having both multiple choice and yes and no questions and answers.

It will also take a little longer amount of time to complete the income tax test. 

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