Income Tax Resolution

Help Clear Up Disputes,
Penalties & Back Taxes

Get income tax resolution help with clearing up your disputes, penalties, interest and back taxes owed here.

It can be very scary and stressful when you are experiencing income tax filing liability issues and don't know where to go or what to do to help resolve the problem.

We are here to help you through the process of clearing everything up in the quickest, easiest, most cost efficient and stress free manner possible.

Income Tax Resolution 

Following are some of the tax resolution issues you may be needing help with.

  • Audits 
  • Dispute Tax Return Changes
  • Reduce Penalties and Interest
  • Back Taxes
  • Remove Levy or Tax Lien
  • Non Filed Tax Returns
  • Income Tax Preparation & Amendments
  • Offer In Compromise
  • Installment Agreement

There are a few different options for helping to resolve the issue depending upon which one you are dealing with.

For example, you may want help with filling out and filing an offer in compromise which can help you to greatly reduce any outstanding liability.

Or, you could possibly use some help with filling out and filing an innocent spouse form when you need to disassociate yourself with an ex spouses tax liability that doesn't belong to you.

Enrolled Agent Tax Resolution Solutions

Enrolled Agents (EAs) are tax professionals authorized by the IRS to provide tax resolution services to individuals and businesses. They specialize in helping clients resolve tax-related issues and navigate complex tax situations. Here are several ways in which Enrolled Agents offer tax resolution services:

  1. Tax Debt Resolution: EAs assist clients in resolving tax debt issues with the IRS. They analyze the client's financial situation, negotiate payment plans, or explore options such as an Offer in Compromise (OIC) to settle the debt for less than the full amount owed.
  2. Audit Representation: Enrolled Agents represent clients during IRS audits, ensuring compliance with audit procedures, and advocating for their best interests. They help gather necessary documentation, respond to audit inquiries, and provide expert guidance throughout the process.
  3. Penalty Abatement: EAs can help clients seek penalty abatement if they have incurred penalties due to late filings, underpayments, or other tax-related issues. They assess the circumstances, gather supporting evidence, and advocate for the reduction or removal of penalties.
  4. Installment Agreements: Enrolled Agents assist clients in setting up installment agreements with the IRS, allowing them to pay their tax debt over time. They negotiate reasonable payment terms and ensure clients remain compliant with the agreed-upon installment plan.
  5. Innocent Spouse Relief: EAs guide individuals who qualify for innocent spouse relief, helping them separate their tax liability from their spouse or former spouse. They gather the necessary documentation and present a strong case to the IRS, advocating for the client's fair treatment.
  6. Offer in Compromise (OIC): Enrolled Agents can assist clients in preparing and submitting an Offer in Compromise to the IRS. This option allows qualified taxpayers to settle their tax debt for less than the full amount owed. EAs assess the client's eligibility, compile necessary financial information, and negotiate with the IRS to secure a favorable settlement.
  7. Tax Planning and Resolution Strategies: EAs provide proactive tax planning advice to clients to help them minimize future tax issues and liabilities. They analyze financial situations, identify potential risks, and develop strategies to optimize tax positions while ensuring compliance with tax laws and regulations.
  8. Appeals Representation: Enrolled Agents can represent clients in IRS appeals, advocating for fair resolutions when disagreements arise between the taxpayer and the IRS. They present a compelling case, provide supporting evidence, and negotiate with the IRS appeals officers to seek a favorable outcome for the client.

Enrolled Agents leverage their expertise and in-depth knowledge of tax laws to provide comprehensive tax resolution services. By offering personalized guidance, professional representation, and strategic advice, EAs assist clients in navigating complex tax matters, resolving tax issues, and achieving favorable outcomes with the IRS.

Tax Resolution Forms

Following are various helpful forms that may be used in the tax resolution process:

  • Power of Attorney Declaration of Representative (Form 2848)
  • Offer In Compromise (Form 656)
  • Request For Innocent Spouse Relief (Form 8857)

Tax Resolution Consultation 

Call now, use my online scheduler to set up a free initial consultation to speak with me directly about your Federal or State tax debt concerns.

Or use the tax resolution estimate form below to get a free estimate and book an appointment via phone or email.

We will determine what kind of forms will need to be filed and come up with a schedule of payments for income tax resolution services that will fit your budget.

Make sure to ask about the discount when paying in lump sum.

I appreciate the opportunity to help you start to get rid of that tax problem today!

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