Bookkeeping Job Description

This Bookkeeping Job Description form is an outline of a standard bookkeeping or accounting job description. You can use this bookkeeper job description form by copying, cutting, pasting and changing it as necessary to fit your own business needs.

Bookkeeping Job Description

Job Title: Bookkeeper
Pay: Depends On Experience
Department Name: Accounting
Superior's Title: Chief Accounting Officer
Creation Date: July 2014
Job Due Date: August 31, 2014
People Supervised: N/A

Bookkeeping Function

To provide bookkeeping services for (Name of Company).

Job Summary

Perform work, including but not limited to performing work of a diverse character; serving as a bookkeeper; purchasing materials and equipment; conducting invoice activities; paying vendors for delivered materials; providing inventory support; and performing clerical/ administrative functions.

Work Tasks/Responsibilities

• Perform work of a diverse character. Conduct bookkeeping, purchasing, accounting, inventory control, and clerical/administrative functions.

• Serve as a bookkeeper. Assist with budget preparations; handle accounts; make bank deposits; maintain ledgers; pay bills; prepare financial statements and reports including the profit and loss statement and balance sheet; receipt money; reconcile bank account; set up cash box for events; distribute money within the departments; collect funds; assist travelers in balancing their bookkeeping ledger and receipt books ; assure expenditures are in accordance with code balances for item acquisition; keep the supervisor informed as to the balances of internal accounts; and prepare payroll.

•  Purchase bookkeeping supplies, materials and equipment for departments. Receive requests for materials and equipment; prepare purchase orders for items in accordance with procedures; transmit purchase orders directly to vendors for purchases; transmit the purchase order to the central office if local, state, or federal money is being used; query vendors concerning item delivery; inspect received items; follow up to correct delivery glitches; handle the purchase order paperwork to be accomplished after item receipt and deliver item(s) to requestors.

• Conduct invoice activities and pay vendors for delivered materials. Ensure that invoices are correct regarding material quantity/quality specifications; review invoices listed prices; make necessary pricing adjustments; make computer entries and cuts checks for vendors.

• Provide inventory support. Maintain office materials and supplies at levels to sustain school/department operation; obtain medical supplies and materials from the school district warehouse; receipt and store them; enter new equipment obtained with local funds into the fixed asset information system, tag new equipment, enter data into the inventory, prepare inventory report, and account for all fixed asset equipment owned by the company.

• Perform clerical/administrative functions. Enter data, type, generate work orders; handle phone calls and incoming mail; install software programs; maintain files; make minor repairs to office equipment; prepare correspondence and reports; serve as the receptionist; arrange for school athletic events; and serve as the fixed asset manager.

Bookkeeping Job Description - Knowledge

• Knowledge of bookkeeping and generally accepted principles of governmental accounting

• Knowledge of accounting techniques and procedures

• Knowledge of how to type and code purchase orders

• Knowledge of maintaining account balances and reporting on their status

• Knowledge of proper preparation of tabular materials, charts and statistical data

Bookkeeping Job Description - Skills

Bookkeeping Job Description

Coordinating skills to organize and maintain financial records such as:

• departmental activity accounts

• processing purchase orders for supplies

• providing monthly and yearly financial reports

• scheduling warehouse orders

• accounts payable open purchase order file

• fixed asset account

• timesheets, phone bills, travel, and comp-time

• Administrative skills to monitor financial data and interpret financial polices and procedures

Bookkeeping Job Description Analytical Skills

• analyze general ledger and fixed asset data

• analyze and prepare tax reports for correct payment to Department of Revenue for sales and use tax

• determine sales tax based on invoice and note any adjustments

• diagnose accounting problems

• maintain records of departmental spending and adjust budget as needed

• Communication skills to communicate with employees, outside vendors, and to negotiate best price with suppliers

• Computer skills for hardware installation, ability to set up new computer and install software

• Leadership skills to support and assist supervisor and co-workers to meet payment deadlines
• Manual skills for typing, keying, filing, storage and removal of records

• Planning skills such as budgeting/scheduling to prepare yearly financial budget; time management to assure bills are paid on time, warehouse orders are processed and delivered, and to make bank deposits

• Mathematical skills to: maintain and balance accounts, calculate sales tax; verify invoices, post fees, receipt and deposit all funds, and prepare journal entries, and balance accounts receivable

Software/word processing skills to write queries, maintain records on spreadsheets, and word processing for relating information to fixed asset managers

Bookkeeping Job Description Equipment

• Equipment used includes computer, calculator, copier, adding machine, printer, paper burster and other standard office machines

Bookkeeping Job Description Safety Of Others

• Little responsibility for the safety of others

Bookkeeping Job Description Work Direction

• Works independently. Work is directed by precedents or company policy. Employee utilizes a large variety of guidelines to analyze facts and determine the correct procedure to use

Bookkeeping Job Description Decision Making

• Decisions made include interpreting invoice payments accurately, determining whether a credit due should be by credit invoice or reimbursed by check; determining if an overage can be paid without approval. Incumbent uses judgement in locating and selecting the most appropriate guidelines

Problem Solving

• Receipt books and money turned in do not agree

• Past due and/or incorrect invoices

• Bank statement reconciliation

• Problems associated with the fixed asset managers regarding correct procedures or problems associated with maintaining accurate records


(within and outside of the organization)

• Contacts are made with employees from other organization units and with representatives of outside organizations

Working Conditions

• Job is performed in an office environment


• Work is essentially sedentary. Sustained data entry function could cause carpal tunnel syndrome and/or eye strain. Ordinary care and precaution are required.


(number of years required)

• Three to five years previous experience in bookkeeping and accounting

Education Required

(degree required - high school through graduate degree)

• High school diploma

• Courses in bookkeeping/accounting

Special Requirements

• None

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