Income Taxes 101

Money Saving Tax Tips Playbook For Taxpayers

This Income Taxes 101 Book is a useful tool for all taxpayers who want to save time and money on their tax returns.

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Income Taxes 101 

Get a Kindle E-book copy of Income Taxes 101: Money Saving Tax Tips Every Taxpayer Must Know for $4.49 at Amazon.

Income Taxes 101: Money Saving Tax Tips Every Taxpayer Must Know

Income Taxes 101 E-Book

  • Tax Facts - Read about the history of taxes and interact with fun tax trivia, quizzes and tests about all things income tax related.
  • Tax Forms - IRS tax forms will provide you with explanations and examples of several of the main income and expense reporting documents.
  • Tax Deductions - Gain access to many different tax deduction lists for business professionals to help know what kinds of expenses are deductible.
  • Tax Payments - Find out if you should adjust your estimated tax payment when business is suddenly more or less than usual. 
  • Tax Software - You can organize your personal and business finances quickly and easily with QuickBooks tax software and file with H&R Block Online.
  • Tax Professionals - A recent IRS report has highlighted the need for honest tax professionals, because many tax "experts" are leaving their clients at risk of serious penalties. Find out if your tax preparation professional is putting you at risk.
  • Tax Services - The Internal Revenue Service wants members of the military and their families to know about the many tax benefits available to them.
  • Tax Resolution - Learn more about getting income tax resolution help with clearing up your disputes, penalties, interest and back taxes owed.
  • Tax Relief - Find out how to obtain tax help through Military Relief, Innocent Spouse Relief, Disaster and Emergency Assistant Relief.
  • Tax Organizer - Gain access to a tax organizer that will help in the process of pulling together all of your tax information.
  • Tax Worksheets - There are convenient excel bookkeeping templates that are great for when you don't want to spend a lot of money on accounting software when first getting started.


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Income Taxes 101: Money Saving Tax Tips

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