Income Tax Deductions

What Expenses Are Deductible?

Trying to determine your income tax deductions at tax time can leave you full of questions about what kinds of expenses are deductible.

Income Tax Deductions

While doing bookkeeping, and using income tax software, it is a really good idea to already know what these deductions are before tax time so that your chart of accounts can be set-up accordingly.

The income tax forms and tax deduction lists you find here will help answer your questions about deductible expenses. I have included tax deduction lists for:

and more. If you need help with an occupation other than those listed here, please feel free to contact me with your requests.

Income Tax Deductions - Airline Personnel

Airline personnel are able to deduct uniforms, professional fees, mileage, equipment expenses, and more.

Airline Personnel Deductions 

Business Professionals Deductions

Business Professionals are able to deduct professional fees, telephone expenses, equipment purchases and many other miscellaneous expenses.

Business Professionals Deductions

Day Care Provider Deductions

Day Care Providers are able to deduct ordinary supplies, vehicle & travel, major purchases, business use of home and more.

Day Care Provider Deductions 

Direct Seller Deductions

Direct Sellers are able to deduct inventory, sales expenses, professional fees, telephone expenses, equipment purchases, and more.

Direct Seller Deductions 

Educator Deductions

Educators are able to deduct classroom aid expenses, professional fees, telephone, equipment, uniform, and other miscellaneous income tax deductions.

Educator Deductions 

Firefighter Deductions

Firefighters are able to deduct many different things including uniforms, professional fees, continuing education expenses, equipment, meals and more.

Firefighter Deductions

Hairstylist/Manicurist Deductions

Hairstylist and Manicurists are able to deduct professional fees, telephone expenses, equipment & supplies, as well as other miscellaneous expenses.

Hairstylist/Manicurist Deductions 

Law Enforcement Deductions

Law Enforcement are able to deduct uniforms, professional fees, insurance, equipment & supplies, telephone, travel expenses and more.

Law Enforcement Deductions 

Long Haul Trucker Deductions

Long Haul Truckers and Overnight Drivers are able to deduct out of town travel expenses, owner operator truck expenses, dues & fees, supplies, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Long Haul Trucker Deductions 

Realtor Deductions

Realtors are able to deduct sales expenses, professional fees, telephone, equipment purchases, travel expenses and more.

Realtor Deductions 

Vehicle, Travel & Entertainment Expenses

Many different professions can deduct vehicle mileage, travel and entertainment expenses. This is a very useful tool for helping to keep track of important information needed in order to claim these deductions.

Vehicle, Travel & Entertainment Expenses 

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How much is the maximum deduction if I pay my assistant coach from my own compensation. Thank you Jason

Is Coaching Deductible? 
I used a business coach last year to help me develop my business. Can I deduct those costs and if yes, where exactly?

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I live in Maine. For 529 contributions in 2010, do I count only those paid from my bank account, or can I also include those contributed to my dependent's …

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Can you deduct health care expenses for an elderly parent (home health care CNA, or Day Care for Adults) if you pay out of pocket. Medicare does not cover …

Tax Deductibles Questions For Unregistered Business Not rated yet
Hi! I love your site - very informative. Thank you! My questions are: I have a business that is a bit of a mish mash of different things, among them …

Health Care Premium Deduction Not rated yet
We started a small bussiness when we retired and receive 1099 forms. Our pension plan pays for half our health care benefits. May we deduct the other half …

Can I Buy My Personal Collection For My Business From Myself, To Make It Tax Deductible?  Not rated yet
I have a collectable stamp store online and my company. I also have a personal stamp collection worth quite a bit. Can I buy my personal collection …

Paid Time Off Charity Deduction Not rated yet
I work for a not-for profit hospital and we get Paid Time Off hours to use for vacations or sick time off. The hospitals aslo allows use to donate our …

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Can I Deduct Child Care Expenses in Two Different States? Not rated yet
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W2(12a-12d Codes) Not rated yet
On my w2. 12a code is marked W 1200.00. I am not sure this is correct. I always thought the W is if the employer was contributing and the R was if the …

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Is private-pay in-home care for the elderly deductible? It isn't personal care; just companionship.

Deductions/Expenses Not rated yet
Are you required or entitled to report deductions/expenses on your schedule C

Bond Money Paid Allowed For Deduction Not rated yet
I am working in a software company ,not as a salaried employee but as a consultant. I am receiving fees from the company and company is deducting TDS @10% …

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I foreclosed on a house some yeras ago but I'm still making payments on a second mortgage. Can I claim the the interest paid?

Medical Deductions Not rated yet
If medical expense is paid with a credit card does it have to be paid off before 1-1-10 in order to claim it for 2010 deduction ?

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Can I claim/write off dental costs? Can I claim/write off dry cleaning? Can I claim/write off costs associated with the ownership of my cottage …

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