Education and Labor Department Proposal

by Stephanie

Education and Labor Department Proposal

Education and Labor Department Proposal

The current news is that there will be a proposed merging of the departments of Education and Labor by the White House. This will apparently be part of a reorganization of the federal government as noted by The Wall Street Journal.

The proposed merger of the departments is expected to be coming out officially this week and is being done to help with the goal of Trump and his administration to decrease the overall workforce of the Feds.

The Education Department has already decreased under Trumps administration and currently employs about 3,900 people which already makes it one of the tiniest federal agencies. While the Labor Department currently employs approximately 15,000 people.

White House and Labor Department officials have not yet commented to the Wall Street journal. However, it is said that Lawmakers have been reluctant in the past to approve this kind of reorganization.

It has also been reported earlier this month by Politico that the Federal administration would like to move welfare programs, like food stamps, into the Department of Health and Human Services.

A renaming of the department to include “welfare” in the name is a possibility. This would require congressional approval as well.

Many conservatives have been wanting to consolidate these two departments of the federal government for a long time as there was also a proposal by Republican lawmakers to merge the Education and Labor departments back during the Clinton Administration.

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