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Jun 21, 2018

Tax Trivia | Fun Facts, Quizzes and Tests | Bookkeeping Basics

Tax Trivia - Read these fun bookkeeping basics income tax facts, quizzes and tests about all things income tax trivia related

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Jun 21, 2018

Education and Labor Department Proposal

The current news is that there will be a proposed merging of the departments of Education and Labor by the White House. This will apparently be part of

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Jun 20, 2018

Bookkeeping FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions To

Bookkeeping FAQ - This is where you can read Frequently Asked Questions about along with other accounting FAQ, bookkeeping facts and bookkeeping basics.

Continue reading "Bookkeeping FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions To"

Jun 20, 2018

Accounting 101 The Income Statement | Bookkeeping Basics Financials

Accounting 101 The Income Statement - Every business owner should be using their income statement to track revenues and expenses. Read how.

Continue reading "Accounting 101 The Income Statement | Bookkeeping Basics Financials"

Jun 20, 2018

Accounting 101 Financial Terms | Bookkeeping Basics Definitions

Accounting 101 Financial Terms - Learn the 9 Financial Terms every business owner should know.

Continue reading "Accounting 101 Financial Terms | Bookkeeping Basics Definitions"

Jun 20, 2018

Accounting 101 The Balance Sheet | Bookkeeping Basics California

Accounting 101 The Balance Sheet - It is the big-picture summary of how your business is doing at a moment in time. To read more ...

Continue reading "Accounting 101 The Balance Sheet | Bookkeeping Basics California"

Jun 14, 2018

Bookkeeping Basics | Accounting How To For Businesses And Bookkeepers

Bookkeeping Basics - An accounting and recordkeeping how to for bookkeepers and business owners. Knowledge of accounting is key to a successful business. Learn the basics of book keeping from a professional bookkeeper.

Continue reading "Bookkeeping Basics | Accounting How To For Businesses And Bookkeepers"

Jun 13, 2018

Accounts Payable | Recording Outstanding Bills | Bookkeeping

Lean how the accounts payable account records the outstanding bills of a business.

Continue reading "Accounts Payable | Recording Outstanding Bills | Bookkeeping "

Jun 13, 2018

Accounting Chart of Accounts | How To Set Up The COA

Accounting Chart of Accounts - Learn how to setup the coa quickbooks chart of accounts in the quickbooks accounting software.

Continue reading "Accounting Chart of Accounts | How To Set Up The COA "

Jun 13, 2018

Business Write-Offs

I have a few questions regarding write offs. I have been working as an independent sales rep for about 4 months. It requires driving to a meeting

Continue reading "Business Write-Offs"

Jun 13, 2018

Is Alimony Taxable?

Hello, Please help: Is alimony taxable? Hello Penny, Thank you for your question. Yes, the money you receive from Alimony is taxable.

Continue reading "Is Alimony Taxable?"

Jun 13, 2018

Should I File Taxes

In the year 2009 I didn't work as much I only made $2151 because I kept getting laid off and I want to know if I would qualify to file taxes and maybe

Continue reading "Should I File Taxes"

Jun 13, 2018


Do I have to file a 1099 if I earned under $3000 as an independent contractor

Continue reading "1099"

Jun 13, 2018

Married Filing Separately

I am retired and have very little income besides social security and pensions. The problem is that I owe over a $100,000.00 in back taxes I pay a monthly

Continue reading "Married Filing Separately"

Jun 13, 2018

Property Income Tax Questions

Property Income Tax Questions - A place where you can get your questions answered about demolished, rental and property taxes.

Continue reading "Property Income Tax Questions"

Jun 13, 2018


I recently retired. I receive a small monthly pension. My total pension is a little more than $6000 a year. I have no other pension. I have a new job with

Continue reading "Pension"

Jun 13, 2018

Adult Dependent

Can my live in boyfriend who collects ssi (680 per month)be a dependent of mine. He has no other income. He collects ssi due to depression/bipolar disorder.

Continue reading "Adult Dependent"

Jun 13, 2018

Excess Social Security and Self-Employment Income

In 2009 I had two jobs that resulted in excess social security being withheld. I understand how to get a refund for this excess. BUT in October I started

Continue reading "Excess Social Security and Self-Employment Income"

Jun 13, 2018

Casualty on Rental Property

In 2007 my rental property was completely destroyed by fire. My insurance company denied the claim, so when I filed my 2007 tax, I reported a loss of $30,000

Continue reading "Casualty on Rental Property"

Jun 13, 2018

e-TDS Return

On verifying the credit of Tax deducted at Source, I found that the tax deducted by one of my employer is not appearing in Form 26AS. I requested the employer

Continue reading "e-TDS Return"

Jun 13, 2018


If you have filed personal bankrupcy several years ago, can your income tax refund be with held

Continue reading "Bankrupcy"

Jun 13, 2018

Apply For VA Benefits?

My mother just passed away. My father made $49,930 in 2010. Should he apply for the three months of VA benefits he's entitled to ($4,680) or would that

Continue reading "Apply For VA Benefits?"

Jun 13, 2018

Can't Pay 2008 Taxes

2008 withdrew $30,000.00 from a retirement acct. to survive. At tax we found that we owed $8040.00 in taxes(federal). We did not file the taxes. We did

Continue reading "Can't Pay 2008 Taxes"

Jun 13, 2018

Leave Travel Allowance

Dear team, Recently i had travelled from Mumbai to Cochin and returned from Trivandrum to Mumbai by air visiting multiple places in Kerala. I have googled

Continue reading "Leave Travel Allowance"

Jun 13, 2018

Am I Eligible For The D.C. First Time Home Buyer Credit?

Hello and thanks in advance for your help, Am I eligible for the D.C. First Time Home Buyer Credit if I have to repay the federal First Time Home Buyer

Continue reading "Am I Eligible For The D.C. First Time Home Buyer Credit?"

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