Is the Biltmore Who's Who a Scam?

by Stephanie

The Biltmore Who's Who is apparantly a hard cover book that is a member directory providing biographies and contact information. A certificate of achievement acknowledges your membership.

Members receive an unsolicited letter in the mail stating that they are being acknowledged for their accomplishments. The supposed catch is that it costs the member upwards of $600.

This seems to be more of an advertising scheme that pulls in members by first tricking them into thinking they are being recognized for all of their hard work, and then harassing them with phone calls until they are goaded into paying for a membership.

Whether this is a scam or a legal advertising medium is in debate. But when you do a search in google on the company it sure does bring up a lot of articles about their being a scam.

Have you had any experiences with this company? If so, please share what happened with the rest of us and whether or not it was a positive or negative experience, thanks!

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