Straightforward Santa Rosa Bookkeeping Strategies

If you are running a business in Santa Rosa, knowing some straightforward bookkeeping strategies should be an important priority. Bookkeeping can initially be overwhelming for business owners without a financial background. However, you can learn the fundamentals pretty quickly if you invest the time.


Santa Rosa Bookkeeping Strategies

The biggest challenge to creating a bookkeeping system is staying organized. Here are some tips to simplify the process.

Make Financial Planning a Regular Practice

Get in the habit of reviewing your finances at least once a week. You should set aside an entire day to go over your bills and try to get them paid. Make sure that you immediately record all financial transactions in your ledger and update your balance sheet accordingly.

Setting aside a day to handle your finances will make it much easier to keep track of all your expenditures. It is also less likely that anything will slip through the cracks.

Understand Your Cash Flow

Every business has a unique cash flow structure. Some businesses experience more seasonal variability than others and some companies have to wait longer periods of time to close invoices.

You will need to understand the nature of your cash flow to manage your bookkeeping. You will be able to better plan for long-term cash needs and make informed capital allocation decisions.

Store Your Financial Records Properly

You need to retain all your financial records to track your finances. Here are some things that you should keep in mind while storing them:

  •  It is a good idea to store digital copies, but you should have hard copies as well in case your hard drive crashes or data is corrupted in any way.
  •  Digital financial records should always be backed up. It is a good idea to store them on a private cloud server where the data can be easily recovered.
  • You should have a separate file specifically for your financial records. They should be organized chronologically to make them easier to locate.
  •  Your general ledger and chart of accounts should be stored in a three ring binder.

You need to cross-check bookkeeping entries against all of your financial documents. Make sure that you have a system to keep careful track of them, even if you are working with a Santa Rosa bookkeeping company.

Choose Simplistic Accounting Software

There are a number of great accounting programs such as QuickBooks on the market. These programs can significantly reduce the complexities of bookkeeping. They generally cost a couple hundred dollars and can save a substantial amount of time. You can also use an online tax preparation software to manage taxes.

Make sure that you find a program that is intuitive and meets the needs of your business. It may be worth upgrading to a system with additional features to further streamline the process.

Know When to Hire a Bookkeeper

Some business owners find bookkeeping is a steeper learning curve than others. They will probably be able to figure it out if they are given enough time, but it may not be worth the effort. Sometimes the best approach is to hire a professional bookkeeper to handle those responsibilities for you.

Decide whether you want to dedicate the time and energy to learning the essentials of Santa Rosa bookkeeping. However, it is still important to keep careful track of your financial records, because your bookkeeper won’t be able to track your finances otherwise.

Contact Us If You Need Assistance

Keeping track of financials can be overwhelming for many businesses in Santa Rosa. Bookkeeping is our area of expertise, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you.

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