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Website Fully Secure and GDPR Compliant - Bookkeeping Basics Newsletter
August 27, 2018

Website Fully Secure & GDPR Compliant

Website Fully Secure | GDPR Compliant

We are happy to announce that our website at is now fully secure and completely GDPR Compliant for your browsing safety!

How do you know if a website is fully secure? It's all about the S in https.

Now, if you see that a website starts with https rather than http, you know that you are safe and secure from hackers.

This is great news as you can rest assured that all of your online shopping transactions and private & confidential information is fully secure and GDPR Compliant while reading through all of the valuable information at Bookkeeping Basics.

Go To Bookkeeping Basics To Verify The Security Lock Here

Credit Card | Bookkeeping Questions

Credit Card Bookkeeping Questions..

Do you have a question about credit cards and business expenses paid from personal card vs business cards?

Here on the Credit Card Bookkeeping Questions and Answer page, you can ask any question you might have about credit cards and how to maintain bookkeeping of your different types of personal and business credit cards and expenses..

Ask Or Help Answer Credit Card Questions Here

Bookkeeping Forms | Legal Documents

Bookkeeping Legal Forms..

The forms you see below include business and financial legal documents, forms and contracts. You can print or download your own customized legal documents here in 5-10 minutes for free..

Amortization Schedule (Business Loans, Mortgage,..)
Business Plan
Consent, Release & Other (Wills, Power of Attorney,..)
Employment Contract (Compensation Agreement)
Human Resources (Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure,..)
Independent Contractor (Service Agreement)
Leasing & Real Estate (Commercial Rental/Lease,..)
Partnership Agreement (Joint Venture,..)
Sales, Loans & Transactions (Bill of Sale, Promissory Note,..)
US Legal Forms (Incorporation, Business Purchase,..)

Bookkeeping Questions | Free Bookkeeping Q&A

Trying to determine how best to do your bookkeeping for generating a clean profit and loss statement for your income tax preparation can be overwhelming.

While doing bookkeeping, and using income tax software, it is a really good idea to already know what categories of expenses are tax deductions before tax time so that your chart of accounts can be set-up correctly from the start and you will be ready to go when it's time to file your taxes..

Ask Your Free Bookkeeping Questions Here

Contact Me | Questions and Suggestions

Do you have any comments? Ideas? Feedback? I'd love to hear from you! CONTACT ME with your question or give me a suggestion. Just reply to this e-zine and tell me what you think.

Please be sure to be as detailed as possible, and rest assured I have the utmost respect for your privacy. Like most people, I have a strong dislike for SPAM. I will never disclose your details to a third party. Everything you write here is completely confidential.

Click here to CONTACT ME

Bookkeeping Resources | The Help You Need

1) Basic Bookkeeping Forms
2) Bookkeeping 101
3) Bookkeeping Basics Blog
4) Bookkeeping Services
5) Bookkeeping SiteSearch
6) Bookkeeping Store

Thank you!

See you next time,

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