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Bookkeeping Basics Newsletter -- Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping
April 30, 2015

5 Benefits of Outsourced Bookkeeping Services

Outsourced Bookkeeping Services: You can outsource your bookkeeping activities and still maintain a clear picture and control of expenditures and cash flow

To read more about the 5 benefits of outsourced bookkeeping services, please follow this link...

5 Essential Bookkeeping Services

Essential Bookkeeping Services: As a business owner you should know and understand these 5 essential bookkeeping services

For an overview of the 5 essential bookkeeping services, read more...

Bookkeeping Services for Tax Changes in Santa Rosa

Bookkeeping services for tax changes in Santa Rosa; There are a number of tax changes on the horizon, which increases the need for a higher level of bookkeeping services.

Follow this link to read more about Santa Rosa Bookkeeping Services

Other Resources

1) Like Me On Facebook Sweepstakes!
2) Excel Bookkeeping Template
3) Bookkeeping Test
4) Bookkeeping Tutorial

Like Me On Facebook Sweepstakes!

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Excel Bookkeeping Template

These convenient excel bookkeeping templates are great when you don't want to spend a lot of money on accounting software when getting started.

Rather than having to purchase bookkeeping software such as Quickbooks, you can get started right away with the excel software you already have utilizing these free and inexpensive excel bookkeeping templates and excel spreadsheets for sole proprietor Schedule C's.

CLICK HERE to download the Excel Bookkeeping Template


Bookkeeping Test

This bookkeeping test is a 20 question interactive exam to help test your bookkeeping mettle.

Your financials are a very important aspect of your business. Whether you are a business owner or bookkeeper, it is a good idea to evaluate your candidates or self with a bookkeeping test such as this one in order to ensure you are getting or providing qualified, accurate bookkeeping expertise.

Missing skills can lead to costly mistakes, and there is no need to take chances. Recording the daily financial transactions of a business requires more than just knowledge of bookkeeping software such as Quickbooks. This bookkeeping exam can help to assess a candidates’ knowledge of accounting fundamentals, from general ledger, inventory, payroll, accounts payable & accounts receivable, to invoices and financial reports.

CLICK HERE to take the Bookkeeping Test now!


Bookkeepng Tutorial

These bookkeeping tutorials and bookkeeping courses are basic free accounting tutorials that will teach and visually show you by video how to do all the different aspects of bookkeeping.

Each of the basic tutorials are presented as a written article outlining how to perform a bookkeeping or accounting function. In addition to each of the accounting tutorial articles, I have included a video series of me personally teaching and visually showing you how to do the different aspects of bookkeeping in the Quickbooks accounting software.

The video series are presented in 1-2 minute segments and start with an introduction on the bookkeeping topic, followed by the first steps and then preceded by the final steps in how to perform the particular bookkeeping function in Quickbooks.

When you are watching a video make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel as new videos are added every week!

CLICK HERE to watch a Bookkeeping Tutorial


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