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Bookkeeping Basics E-Zine, Issue #007 --, Good Goals For Business
May 17, 2011

Bookkeeping Basics EZine

Bookkeeping Basics E-Zine, Issue #007 -- Good Goals For Business

Bookkeeping Basics E-Zine brings you valuable bookkeeping tips, income tax advice and the latest additions to one small business owner's experiences with "bookkeeping and income tax preparation".

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Bookkeeping Basics E-Zine

In this issue...


1) Good Goals For Business


1) Review of Bookkeeping Practices


1) Free Make Your Price Sell Masters Course

2) SBI! Now Only $29.99 a Month!

3) Inviting You To Join Me

4) QuickBooks Exclusive Offers

5) Accounting Definitions

6) Executive Search Online

7) Paychex Payroll Provider

In every issue....

1) Questions and Answers

2) Quote of the Month

3) Sitesearch

4) Contact Me


1) Good Goals For Business

There are many good goals for business. Establishing goals for your business is a must. Determining the best goals to focus on for your individual business can feel unnerving, as you obviously want to succeed and thus spend your time wisely. Here we will focus in on the top three good goals for business.

Although there are many good goals for business, the top three good goals for business are:

1) Provide quality products and/or services to your customers.

2) Maintain adequate records of income and expenses.

2) Incur a net profit within the first three years of starting business.

The products and services that you provide will be your overall bread and butter. The success of a business depends in large part upon the quality of your products and services and the trust this quality induces in your customers. A customer that trusts you will become a repeat customer and even refer others to you as well.

In order to stay on top of your revenue and expenses, it is extremely important to maintain adequate records of income and expenses. It is highly recommended that a computer software program is used and that business bank and credit cards, loans etc. are setup so that all business transactions are recorded and accounts are able to be reconciled monthly.

An annual net profit is an obvious goal as a business is typically started to earn an income. It is a good goal to try to incur a net profit within the first three years of starting business especially as the IRS may determine your business to be a hobby if it is not making a profit within this amount of time.

There are many good goals for business, but the top three good goals for business are quality of products and/or services, maintain adequate records, and incur a net profit within 3 years.

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1) Review of Bookkeeping Practices

Good bookkeeping article regarding doing an annual review of your bookkeeping practices.

The basic points are: Success and bookkeeping are essential to every business. Each business will have varying levels of success – and failure – and each level will often coincide with the efficiency of your bookkeeping department...

Click here to read the entire Review of Bookkeeping Practices article.


1) Free Make Your Price Sell Masters Course

Price Your Product for Maximal Profits

How do you know if you have chosen the perfect price for your product or service?

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Are you leaving money on the table?

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How do you know if that new product or service that you are developing (or are planning to sell) has a reasonably-sized, interested target group? In other words, are there enough people who will pay enough money?...

•If no, you'll never build a profitable income stream.

•If yes, what's the perfect price that maximizes that stream?

Is your pricing up-to-date, reflecting current marketing conditions?

How do you know... how do you know for sure... that you have the right price?

Perfect pricing answers all of the above questions. "Make Your Price Sell!, The Masters Course" provides the information and strategies you need to determine the "Perfect Price." The course covers background pricing theory, key business models, target market profiling, the importance of the perceived value of your product or service, and much more... exactly what you need to make a profitable pricing decision.

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Yes, your prospective customers must feel that they will personally profit by buying your product or service. In other words, they must feel that the value you offer equals or exceeds the cost. If they don't, credit cards remain securely tucked away in their wallets.

Bottom line... You must price it right.

With the help of the easy-to-follow "Make Your Price Sell!, The Masters Course," you can price successfully and confidently... on your own!


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4) QuickBooks Exclusive Offers

QuickBooks software makes bookkeeping and accounting easy with tools to organize your finances all in one place. It will help you to complete tasks like payroll, invoicing, bill tracking and check writing. You can track sales and expenses, and easily share this data with MS Word and Excel. With quickBooks bookkeeping software, you’ll spend less time on routine tasks and more time on business.

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5) Accounting Definitions

There are 100's of accounting definitions and bookkeeping terms in my bookkeeping glossary for your use. Use it as an accounting resource to help improve your bookkeeping knowledge.

Click here to go to the Accounting Definitions Page.

Then, just pick a letter to go directly to the bookkeeping terms associated with that letter. Or, use the Search Engine below to search the entire website.

6) Executive Search Online

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6) Paychex Payroll Provider

The trusted payroll provider for small and mid-sized businesses.

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1) Questions and Answers

Are you having difficulties with Bookkeeping? Here on the Q and A page, you can ask a question about any area of bookkeeping and income taxes. It's free and easy to do.

Here is a recent posting on the Balance Sheet Page:

The Balance Sheet

Why do liabilities equal to total assests in the balance sheet?

It's actually Liabilities PLUS Equity equals Assets. This is because the difference between assets and liabilities will show whether or not you have positive or negative equity in the business.

Click here to ask a bookkeeping question or to read more...

2) Quote Of The Month

"Well done is better than well said."

- Ben Franklin

3) SiteSearch

Did you know that you can utilize Bookkeeping SiteSearch to find what you are looking for? Give a try today!

4) Comments? Ideas? Feedback?

I'd love to hear from you. Just reply to this e-zine and tell me what you think! Or, click here to Contact Me.

See you next month!


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