Unregistered Business Income Tax Deduction Question

(British Columbia, Canada)

Business Income Tax Deduction

Business Income Tax Deduction

Hi! I love your site - very informative. Thank you!

My questions are:

I have a business that is a bit of a mish mash of different things, among them fine art, business consulting (just started) and farming - egg sales at this point. :)

I am registering my business now because I've just added the consulting services.

Question 1: I have been selling eggs since September (but started raising them last April).

Can I deduct their production costs from last April - even though I didn't sell anything until September (i.e., chick purchase costs, feed, electricity used)?

Question 2: As well, I got a domain name and set up a website and hosting, etc., for the consulting in December. And I also had a website and hosting for my artwork since last year - but I haven't sold anything except window painting services.

Are the website hosting expenses, supplies, etc., tax deductible (as an unregistered business)?

Are any of these tax deductions allowed to create a loss for 2010? Except for the home expenses - which I read on your site are not allowed to create a loss.

Question 3: As well, when registering my business now... I am not clear as to what I should put for a start date! Would I register the business as starting last April?

Or September? December? Or should I just start it now, and have any allowable deductions be allocated to the unregistered business?

Any suggestions would be appreciated :)

Thank you!

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