Successful Telephone Calls

by Stephanie

Successful Telephone Calls

Successful Telephone Calls

The impression made when making telephone calls is extremely important as it is often the first and most significant quality of service customers are presented with. In addition, making a great impression on the phone give you a much better chance of converting inquiries into new business.

Some of the key qualities you should try to exhibit during your telephone conversations are:

1) Self Esteem: You potential customers will have only as much confidence in you and your abilities as you have in yourself.

2) Professionalism: A high level of professionalism or quality of character is always expected when working with clients.

3) Have the right tools available: Always make sure to have client folders and or easy access to schedule books and information at the time of a call. It is always best to look and be prepared.

4) Know how to address people: Use appropriate and respectful language when addressing your customers such a calling them sir or madam.

5) Voice control: Use a moderate tone of speech. Overly aggressive conversation or a loud voice can be intimidating.

6) Positive End: Make sure to thank the potential customer for calling, let them know they are welcome to call back anytime, make sure you call back if you have promised to do so.

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