Great Bookkeeping News For Eichler Home Owners!

by Stephanie
(Rohnert Park, CA)

Great Bookkeeping News For Eichler Home Owners!

Great Bookkeeping News For Eichler Home Owners!

Tim Bucholtz, of Tim Bucholtz Construction, has invented an improved Eichler siding machine. This new Eichler machine will make it much easier and inexpensive to upgrade your Eichler homes to current energy and structural codes.

This is great news for current Eichler home owners!

The ability to produce a better, thicker and higher quality look-alike Eichler siding for less money than the 1/2 inch thick siding previously available opens up two major and exciting upgrades:

1) Earthquake - Removing all your old siding and used up R-3 insulation will enable Tim to add needed upgrades to help you meet current earthquake codes. Earthquake upgrades such as more foundation bolts, earthquake hold-down brackets at critical weight bearing post areas, and nail plates at all beam-to-beam and beam-to-post areas to name a few.

These upgrades accompanied by properly nailed, thicker Tim Bucholtz siding, keeping with your Eichlers historical appearance, will go a long way toward protecting your family and investment should an earthquake occur!

2) Insulation - Installing up to current code new R-13 insulation, covered with a vapor barrier such as tyvac or 15 lb. tar paper, along with our new siding will also save you money on your utilities.

With the new insulation, you will see a great improvement in your heating & cooling costs as well as noise reduction for your Eichler home.

Knowing that each Eichler home is unique in it's own way with different obstructions such as pools, fences, gates, trees, and old phone & cable wires makes it necessary to schedule an on-site evaluation of each jobsite.

You can schedule an on-site evaluation of the jobsite with Tim Bucholtz
himself, and he will give you an accurate, fair and FREE estimate for your new Eichler upgrades.

Having 20 years experience inside, outside and on top of Eichler homes in Novato, Lucas Valley and Terralinda lent way to Tim's invention and his being able to offer you the opportunity for these upgrades.

Below are a few notes of interest in helping you to consider hiring Tim Bucholtz Construction to upgrade your Eichler...

A. Licensed and Insured with 20 years of experience working on Eichlers.

B. All work to be done with permits and inspections - NO EXCEPTIONS!

C. All labor and materials supplied by Tim Bucholtz Construction carries a three year guarantee.

D. No work will start before 9AM or continue after 6PM, Monday through Friday.

E. Once work starts, progress will continue every work day, weather permitting.

F. All gates to backyards, swimming pools, etc. will be re-secured after each work day.

G. Unforeseen repairs such as dry rott, beam repairs, beam replacement, termite damage, faulty electrical, etc. will be brought to the owner's attention and repaired on a separate time and material basis not to exceed $65 an hour.

H. All work related debris will be removed and your property returned to its original condition.

I. References available upon customer request.

J. All materials provided by Tim Bucholtz Construction will be primed and calked at completion of job.

K. Contractor not responsible for breakage of glass or any interior damages such as popped sheetrock nails, fallen pictures, etc.

L. An attempt will be made to hide or get rid of unsightly coax cables and phone lines.

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Very Nice Eichler Post
by: Anonymous

I love reading through your blog, I wanted to leave a little comment to support you and wish you a good continuation. Wish you best of luck for all your best efforts. Excellent Web page, Carry on the good job.

I'm Happy To Read This Article
by: Anonymous

I'm very happy to read this article. Thanks for giving us good information and providing a fantastic walk-through. I appreciate this post very much!

Eichler siding

Great idea. Do you have pictures of the siding? If so, please post!

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