7 Tricks for Saving Your Money and Stretching Your Dollar

Saving Money Tricks

Saving Money Tricks

From vacationing to kitchen decoration, from health plans to auto insurance, from bathroom decoration to web conference calls, everyone ranging from corporate houses to individuals like to do their best to stretch their dollars.

Here are some tricks on budgeting basics as each one of us wants to get as much as possible from a dollar.

Suppose you are going on a family vacation and you are traveling by road then it is advisable to stock up juices, bottled water, sandwiches cookies and chips.

This is because on your way if you them you need to fork out some extra bucks. Instead if you plan it well in advance and make a list you can get them purchased from Walmart, Costco or Sams.

If you don’t keep these stocks then as and when you stop by to refuel you will end up spending some $20 and by the end of the journey, if you add them you will find that your savings is up by minimum $200.

Again if you have your own house, then probably you can earn some extra bucks from renting out say a garage of your own home.

Again, to maintain your own home in proper condition, learn how the basic home maintenance requirements whenever there is a workshop or a free seminar on that so that you need not pay each time your tap is not working or your bulb needs replacement.

Save on your electricity bills by replacing 100-watt bulbs with 20 to 28-watt ones as they
last longer too, besides saving. Turn off the lights when not in use.

Save few bucks on lunches too as you go out to office. Try taking lunch box from home it helps save few dollars a day and by the end of month it can be a good amount of savings.

Budget out your entertainment judiciously. If you are planning to take your friends out for dinner, choose a little less expensive restaurant or else organize for a potluck dinner at your home.

If you are the one who is a movie buff then instead of spending money by going to the theater frequently sign up with a movie channel and enjoy the pleasure of watching the movie at home.

Again, reduce your transportation costs if you avail car pooling facility, but yes you need to find out neighbors or friends going to the same destination. There are some cities that are creating sites to encourage people for car pool.

For beauty tips instead of buying face pack and scrubs homemade remedies are not only better but it helps save few dollars as well.

For example if you have an acne-prone or oily skin apply milk of magnesia on the face and leave it till it gets dried and then rinse off.

Again most shampoos are too concentrated, in this case you can pour half the bottle of shampoo into another bottle and fill it water.

Get the new bottle too filled with water. Turn each one so that it gets mixed well.

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