Trial Balance P&L Balance Sheet

by renuka manikpuri

on 31.12.07 the following trial balance was prpared from the books of raju
particular dr cr
sundry debtors 50600
sundry creditors 10000
bill receive 5000
plant & machine 75000
purchases 90000
capital 70000
freehold premisses 50000
salary 11000
wages 14400
postage & stationary 750
carrige inward 750
carrige outward 1000
bed debts 950
bad debts provision 350
general charges 1500
cash at bank 5300
cash in hand 800
bill payable 5000
reserve 20000
sales 231700
closing stock 31000
adjestment are:1)raju gets salary of 9000rs pm
2)allow 5% capital on capital
3)b/d provision to be adjusted to 2.5% on sundry creaditors 2.5% on net profit to be cretited to reserve.4)it was dicovered in jan 2007 that stock sheets as on 31.12.06 were overcast by rs.1000

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