Profit and Loss

by Anjali

A man bought eggs at Rs 9.60 per dozen. At what price per hundred must he sell them so as to earn a profit of 15%.

I believe the answer to your question is Rs 92.08, the result shown as follows:

If a man bought eggs at Rs 9.60 per dozen (1 dozen = 12 eggs), then the price he paid per 100 would be 80.07. (100 eggs divided by 12 eggs = 8.34 dozens, 8.34 dozens muliplied by 9.60 per dozen = 80.07).

If the price he paid per 100 is 80.07, in order to earn a profit of 15%, he would need to sell at 92.08 per 100. (80.07 multiplied by 1.15 = 92.08), or (80.07 multiplied by 15% is 12.01 and 80.07 + 12.01 = 92.08).

Thank you for your question, Anjali.

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