A Dirty Deal

by Lucy

I filed my two daughters on my tax return for the year 2008 and received the earned income credit. Well, it was time for me to file for the year 2009 and i did the instant loan with h&r block and qualified for 1000.00. But, after the two weeks the remainder of my refund was suppose to arrive but it never happened. To my surprise i called to see if my return was in and it said that i had been audited! Well, when i called the irs they said someone else had carried one of my dependents for the year 2008 and that i owed the government. They stated that was the reason they took away the earned income credit for the year 2009. But, i never received a letter in the mail for the year 2008 because i had changed addresses. They advised me that i had to send in birth certificates and social sec. cards and my lease to verify these were my kids. i did that but later on they told me to send something from the school or doctors office because i had passed the relationship test but they needed something stating that the children were in my home. i did that and they claim they never received it but i received a letter from the irs stating i didnt have to do anything else further and to wait on them to respond. Well, here we are at the tax year 2010. i filed the same two dependents but with the form 8862 with this return. Well, guess what they gave me credit and applied it to my debt! So, i called them (irs) and all this time they said they never received the school records! So, now i have resent school records and correspondences for the year 2008 and 2009. They have assigned my case to someone but i need to know will they possibly go this far back and reverse my refund. i also have received a 2645c letter since resending that information stating that they havent completed all the processing necessary for a complete response. What i dont understand why give me credit for the tax year 2010 and not for 2009 and 2008 when someone carried just one of the dependents in 2008 and not both of them in the first place. Do you think that they are actually looking at my information or is this just bologna?

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